GEOSYSTEM Software produces and sells geotechnical software for plotting borehole log/boring log, monitoring well installation and test pit logs, for reducing and reporting results from common geotechnical tests (including Atterberg limits, grain size distribution, moisture density, California Bearing Ratio, resistance R-value, swell/consolidation, field density and triaxial, unconfined and direct shear), and for storage and reporting of concrete and cement products strength test results. We have been producing geotechnical software since 1984: Versions 1.0 of our grain size distribution and moisture density test programs are over 29 years old and our boring log software is now in its 28th year of production.

Major Upgrade Announcement!

GEOSYSTEM Software announces the immediate availability of a 64-bit compatible version of CONS, the Swell/Consolidation package. More details are available here.


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